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Brain injuries are some of the most devastating a person can suffer because some people never reach full recovery after sustaining this type of injury. Brain injuries can generally be classified into open head injury, closed head injury, deceleration injuries, chemical/toxic, hypoxia, tumors, infections, and stroke. The most common types of brain injury that result from an accident are open head injury, close head injury, and deceleration injuries. Open head injuries occur where there is penetration of the skull. On the other hand, in closed head injuries, there is no such penetration. Lastly, deceleration injuries typically involve traumatic movement of the brain inside the skull. All three types could lead to permanent impairment or death.

Why Hire an Austin Brain Injury Lawyer

The symptoms and effects of a brain injury could resolve within a few moments. They could also be lifelong. If a person sustains a brain injury of the more serious kind, different treatments may be available, ranging from the initial treatment meant to stabilize, rehabilitative treatment that would help restore the injured person to daily life, acute treatment, and surgical treatment. As you can imagine, some of these treatments can cause a person to incur several thousand dollars, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you or someone you love sustained a brain injury due to someone else’s fault, you need to contact Pastrana Law Firm now for a free consultation. We will help you investigate the case to find the necessary funds to pay for the losses that a brain injury commonly entails so you can focus on getting better.